Part 3 - Telia SE Router Sagemcom F@st 5370E Mod Finale

Krishnendu Paul

Feb 14, 2020 1 min read

Now you understood, all the magic you can explore by only few commands. Most useful funtions are



$.xmo.setValuesTree('VALUE', "PATH");

So - directly jumping to few solutions I found. Use those to enhance your Sagemcom Wireless Router to get more out of that capable hardware.

Enabling DropBox Storage:

You can get section to setup Dropbox account by using following.


Use following command to set value for the account. ( I don't have a dropbox account, so not tested properly )

$.xmo.setValuesTree('account_name', $.xpaths.myCloud.accountCloud);

Like that, set all the values for accountCloud, dropboxCloudUid, rootCloud and authUri. Please update me if it is working for you.

Enabling UPnP

To enable UPnP , use following

$.xmo.setValuesTree("true", $.xpaths.mySagemcomBox.advancedOptions.upnpEnable);

To Enable DLNA and Setup / Change Media Box Name

$.xmo.setValuesTree("true", $.xpaths.mySagemcomBox.massStorage.dlna);
$.xmo.setValuesTree("BidhataBox", $.xpaths.mySagemcomBox.massStorage.dlnaMediaName);

To Set Value for User Account Administrator

$.xmo.setValuesTree("true", "Device/UserAccounts/Users/User[@uid='1']/CurrentlyRemoteAccess");
$.xmo.setValuesTree("[email protected]", "Device/UserAccounts/Users/User[@uid='1']/Email");
$.xmo.setValuesTree("Sweden", "Device/UserAccounts/Users/User[@uid='1']/Country");
$.xmo.setValuesTree("Paul", "Device/UserAccounts/Users/User[@uid='1']/Lastname");
  • Please change the value as required.

To Enable Port Scan Detection in Firewall

$.xmo.setValuesTree('true', "Device/Firewall/PortScanDetection");

To Enable All Led Lights

$.xmo.setValuesTree("true", "Device/Managers/Led/LedPowerBlink");

And ... that's all for now 🍻 . If you see path undefined - means it is not possible to manipulate as that section is disabled in Firmware.

Happy Hacking !! 🥰

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