Weaponizing .tar files - RedTeam

Aug 19, 2020

So many times you will find, that you are not allowed to upload executable binaries , backdoor php or other extension file, also those are very easy to recognize by Sys Admins. Here is a trick which may help you.

So, here I have a folder contains some common files, one random jpeg and one pdf.

Let's create a .tar file ( A TAR file (Tape Archive file) is a Consolidated Unix Archive file. TAR files are popular for archiving and sending multiple files over the internet. ) . But, before, you need to do following to weaponize it with your commands.

touch ''$'\n''ls -an;'
touch ''$'\n''ifconfig;'

Be creative or use plain simple netcat commands to create your backdoor. Once done, directory structure will look like following

Now, the time to create our weaponize .tar file.

tar -cf weapon.tar *

And, now we have our tar file named weapon.tar . This tar file work as common archive file. But, when you are executing the file - it trigger your commands.

chmod +x weapon.tar

And the output ...

Voila ...